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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing art. It is based on traditional Chinese medicine theory which believes our health is governed by Chi, the vital energy force. Chi travels around the body through pathways called meridians. Very fine needles are inserted to regulate the flow of Chi. Acupuncture treatments aim to stimulate energy flow and to regain the natural homeostasis or harmony. Needles are only used once.


Acupuncture was recommended by the National Institution for Health and Care Excellence and the NHS 2016 for back pain and headache. Acupuncture may help or manage a range of conditions including


•  back pain

•  headache

•  neck pain

•  migraine

joint pain

dental pain

postoperative pain

chronic pain

• managing healthy pregnancy e.g. morning sickness and back pain

• management of some chronic conditions


For details, please see BAcC research fact sheets.


What to expect

A session usually lasts 50 minutes. High quality, thin disposable needles are used. Patients may or may not feel the insertion of needles but there is usually little or no sensation once they are in. Please ask Bo if you have any questions regarding your treatment.


Patients’ experiences:


“Having been diagnosed with a serious illness I decided to to look for complementary medicines to help with my cure. I looked at all alternatives and tried a few before coming across Bo Mander's web page having found her name on the national association of acupuncture. I had a very good feeling immediately that I would be under the care of someone who really knew their subject and this feeling was realised after my first session. I have been under the care of Bo while undergoing very difficult conventional medicine and for me it has been a life saver. She is knowledgeable, sympathetic and fills me with confidence. After every session I feel much better and I have come to depend on this as the part of my treatment. She is a brilliant practitioner and I would recommend her wholeheartedly.”


January 2014


“After several years of suffering with debilitating vertigo and IBS and having tried everything the National Health had to offer without success, I decided to try the alternative route. Bo was recommended to me by a friend. After only a few sessions of acupuncture combined with reflexology my vertigo and IBS were greatly reduced. This convin

ced me Bo was the person to help me. I continued my treatments with Bo and now my health is at the same level as it was before my illness. I feel fantastic. I was lucky to find Bo. I find her treatments very effective and incredibly relaxing and I thoroughly recommend her. Brilliant!”


Mark D, January 2015


'Bo was recommended to me while I was suffering with hypertension, palpitations and night sweats. All the various NHS tests had come back fine but I still didn't feel fine! Bo has methodically worked through my symptoms in order of severity over a few sessions and already (in conjunction with prescribed medication) my blood pressure is consistently under the target levels and the palpitations have lessened. I would not hesitate to recommend Bo for both acupuncture and acupressure as she is extremely thorough, professional and friendly too!'


CC, June 2015