Tai Chi (Tai Ji) is an ancient Chinese health exercise dating back several hundred years. It is a series of slow, graceful, flowing movements designed to make you more sensitive to your body and the flow of energy within it. There are five styles and many different forms. A form is a complete sequence of movements in a particular style. Tai Chi is primarily an internal process, where you learn to direct the energy around your body. Tai Chi is suitable for people of all ages and no athletic ability is needed. The movements can be large or small according to your physical condition.


Qi Gong (pronounced ‘Chi Kung’) concentrates on developing healing energy through control of breathing and simple movements. You learn how to direct the energy to heal yourself. Qi Gong exercises are often short and simple to learn though there are longer forms like the beautiful ‘Wild Goose Qi Gong’. Other forms you could choose include: 8 silk form, Standing Qi Gong, Tai Ji Qi Gong 28 Steps.


People come to Tai Chi & Qi Gong for different reasons. Millions of Chinese practise them every day to keep themselves healthy and supple into old age. It is increasingly used in the west as a gentle health exercise alongside the complementary therapies. It is also very useful to calm the mind and body in stress management and can deepen the experience of meditation in spiritual practice. There are simple Qi Gong exercises for specific medical conditions. Often, in contemporary life, we lose the experience of fully inhabiting our body. Through learning a Tai Chi form you can connect with your own energy and feel more fully alive.



Why Individual Lessons?


Bo has taught many classes and seminars in the UK, China and Singapore (sometimes to groups as large as 60) but she prefers to teach individuals so she can tailor lessons to each student’s particular interests and concentrate on helping them develop internal energy flow rather than have students try to copy external movements as best they can at the back of a class. Learning Tai Chi or Chi Kung is a journey of discovery of your personal energy. Different students progress at different rates and want to take different routes. Individual tuition means that your journey need not be compromised for the sake of a larger group.

Why learn Tai Chi or Qi Gong?

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